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Eric Telenga

Sales Associate

2017 Centurion Office Associate

What were you doing in 1999? This was Eric's first taste of real estate back in 1999, with a venture into investment properties, buying his first triplex. Having been born and raised in Bismarck, he had a good feel for the market and for the areas he wanted to invest in. Since then, Eric has specialized in the Real Estate investment market and has enjoyed helping many people over the years, both to assist with helping them buy their personal residence, and, helping many repeat clients invest in Real Estate rental properties. He has helped many sell the very homes he helped them buy originally, and then assisted them as they moved up to their new homes in the next price range. Which has felt really good! His parents gave Eric his first taste of real estate ownership as a child and he always liked helping on projects around their homes over the years. Now, having been a Realtor for nearly 20 years, Eric has established himself as a stable, honest, and dependable Realtor with an excellent track record for genuine customer service and professionalism. So, no matter where you are in the Real Estate life cycle, buying, selling, investing, give him a call!  Having been a Realtor for so many years, he has seen many ups and downs in our local real estate market and enjoys the dynamic each up cycle or down cycle has presented. Having been a homeowner for so long, Eric has experienced all the time and investment that go into the care and maintenance and pride of owning a home!! For most people, owning their own home will be the largest investment they will ever make. Eric is here to help you on this wonderful journey!  Make Eric your Realtor today!! Give him a call 701-400-5061. Eric and his wife, Theresa, make their home in Bismarck. In his spare time Eric enjoys water sports, skiing, snowboarding, hunting and hiking outdoors and exploring other countries, including Costa Rica, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Mexico, and has been to many of the contiguous United States but he always appreciates coming home. Helping people achieve their American Dream is a joy to be a part of! Give Eric a call today!


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